Friday, September 28, 2012

Press Dismiss Bias Claim

(Associated Posers) – CLEVELAND, OHIO – On the campaign trail with Mitt Romney a group of reporters spend their time chatting with twelve anti-Romney protesters that also follow the campaign around in an chartered SEIU bus. Asked what they thought of conservatives who complained that the media was heavily biased in favor of the Obama campaign, they scoffed.

Herbert Gear, a stringer for the New York Times, said any bias is simply a reflection of the conditions on the ground. He did not deny that reporters had their own thoughts and opinions “Of course, we are human, we have our own ideas and beliefs. Letting that drip into our stories is something that we just do not allow to happen”.

Angela McCall, a reporter for the Independent Press Service, denied there was a liberal bias in the media. “No, there is no liberal bias”.

Some conservative commentators suggested that when Barack Obama recently slipped up and said he wanted to export more jobs the press was silent, suggesting that if Romney had done this, the press would have slaughtered him.

Angela McCall answered “Of course. Mitt Romney has a long history of farming companies and exporting jobs, so we'd definitely take that comment seriously. Besides he's a Republican and we all know they want everyone broke and on welfare.”

Asked if the media should treat President Obama the same way as they treat Mtt Romney when they hold lavish fund-raisers of more than $25,000 a plate dinners, Herbert Gear did not think so. “Look, when Barack Obama plays with celebrities, it's fine because we want him to have fun and hang out with Jay-Z and Beyonce. Mitt Romney isn't like that, nobody wants him playing around with celebrities”

Washington Post writer Gloria Redmon told us in a phone interview “The polls are very clear, President Obama is America's bro. He's our pal. He's America's sweetheart. That is a simple reality that is reflected in unbiased reporting.”

Asked about the weighting of polls in favor of Barack Obama Gloria Redmon was dismissive “Those reflect the increased enthusiasm for President Obama over his 2008 turnout. It is the best guess of professional pollsters, so who are we to argue?”

Asked if these polls are creating a false impression of the race, possibly creating a bandwagon effect for Barack Obama and demoralizing Republican voters and might this be intentional, Redmon was insistent that this was unfounded. “There is increased enthusiasm for the President and the American people just don't like this Mitt Romney fellow” she said “The polls just reflect that”.

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