Wednesday, September 26, 2012

International aid delivered to US schools

(Associated Posers) – SAVANNAH, Georgia – The shocking images broadcast around the world of hungry children being fed a bare subsistence diet is mobilizing the world to render aid. United Nations food trucks have begun arriving to avert an international disaster. Donor countries include China, which has furnished 500 tons of rice aboard a vessel en route to San Diego.

Supplemental food aid from Canada, including wheat, are being flown in. A line of UN-marked planes line the tarmac of Savannah-Hilton Head International Airport.

“Shockingly some of these schools cannot serve more than 350-400 calories” said one nutritionist from the Children's Fund International “This is a crisis of the first order. Something must be done to keep the United States from falling to third world status. If that happens, then poorer nations are going to be in dire straits”.

The new menu's were devised at the direction of First Lady Michelle Obama with an eye toward strict calorie intake limits. The austerity diet is to be enforced at all US public schools eventually. The limited caloric intake does not affect her diet though, tonight's campaign fundraising dinner is a meal of lobster and cocktails.

A severe drought and a government policy that puts 40% of the corn crop into gas tanks has caused cow and pig herds to be culled, setting up another catastrophe for next year. “We can see it coming but it would take a much bigger crisis to get these politicians to drop the ethanol policy” said one source within the USDA “It is disheartening to witness government policies doing this to my country”.

“These food deliveries are meant to supplement the falling caloric intake. The kids are hungry, the food they have been given is second rate and unpalatable because of the drought and government policies. This has never happened in their life times and it must be quite a shock” said an official with the Savannah Independent School District “The fall from a prosperous first world nation to one where children don't get enough to eat is never pretty”

Across the world there are many countries where the images of meager school lunches might not seem so bad, but they miss the point. If the US goes down, who becomes the breadbasket that can feed the poorer countries?

“I'm hungry” said Angela Polly, 8, after eating a meager meal of hummus and black bean salad “I don't want to go to P.E. (Physical Education), I don't have the energy”. Many other children and parents agree. Dharma Polly, Angela's mother, said “If something does not change soon, I'm afraid for this country and the future”.

“Americans are not used to this, they have become soft as a super power” said a UN official “The sight of UN trucks delivering food to children will be seen as a national failure, many will feel like they have personally failed. This is natural.”


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