Thursday, September 20, 2012

Chicken Chain Changes Course

(Associated Posers) - Chick-fil-A came to terms with Chicago aldermen and has come away making changes to it's founders stand for traditional marriage. The College Park, Georgia-based company says that it will no longer bar gay chickens from being used to make it's chicken sandwiches.

"All of our tests have determined that gay chickens taste just like chicken" the company said in a press release cheered by homosexual activist groups. "Therefore there is no longer a policy against the use of gay chickens for our delicious meals".

A month ago supporters of the chicken chain clogged roads to break sales records after homosexuals called for boycotts. The chain has tried to keep the new policy quiet to keep it's customer base from launching their own boycott in a backlash.

A message reportedly from the right-wing Tradition Chicken Coalition responds by saying "We are the customer base that keeps them in business and we will have to review our support of CFA".

One lone protester has already showed up outside the home of COO Dan Cathay with a sign that said "No Gay Chickens"

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