Monday, September 24, 2012

President Obama: No Scheduled Meetings at UN

(Associated Posers) – NEW YORK CITY – President Barack Obama is in town to give a speech to the United Nations but is not scheduled to meet any foreign leaders for face to face meetings. When pressed on the subject White House aids say this is not important “because he has a phone”.

Barack Obama is scheduled to tape an appearance on yet another TV chat show “The View” and to speak at a fundraising event for the Clinton Global Initiative whose main mission is to secure interns for Bill Clinton. After an embarrassing appearance on the “David Letterman Show” in which he “could not recall” or estimate the national debt, this trip to New York City is expected to be more controlled.

With the situation in the middle east heating up and Iran threatening to strike US bases in the region if a conflict should occur, some suggest the President should be a little more involved than just waving it off as so much “noise” that he needs to block out. Meanwhile the Israeli UN representative, Ambassador Prosor, walked out from the speech by the Iranian leader, Achmed Ahmedinajed was speaking.

The President is also under fire for his slow response to the situation in Libya and even that response was not much. President Obama has off-handily referred to the massacre and rape of the US Ambassador and 3 others as a “bump in the road”. Political opponents are quick to say the US needs a serious President who is engaged in the world as a peace maker or an honest broker.

“That's not leadership, that is laziness” said a spokeswoman for the Mitt Romney campaign “He has time to party with rappers and raise millions but not to meet with foreign leaders and try to avert a calamity?”

Some accuse the President of using the UN speech as a photo-op, while others say he will use it to apologize for free speech and kowtow to Muslim radicals.