Monday, September 24, 2012

Children bring "Innocence of Muslims" to Stage

(Associated Posers) – BALTIMORE, MD – As the global debate on free speech and condemnations from world leaders of the low-budget “Innocence of Muslims” trailer, the film has become a surprise underground cult hit across the United States. Several leading churches say they are considering putting on a Muslim Pageant to show how the false faith of Islam arose from the lust of one warlord.

Even so, when youths hear that something is being condemned by government they often get interested in that thing. This has become true with the badly produced internet video. All over the web groups of teens debate the film for its schlock value more than worry about its shock value. There is nothing really shocking in the video, after all.

“I don't get it” said Roger Jorgensen, 15. “I saw all of it and there was no nudity or anything, I really don't see what the problem is. What's the big deal?”

“It's not like there is anything new in the video. We knew Muhammad was a warlord, a pedophile and a con man” said Sarah Smith, 16. “I have no earthly idea why there would be rioting. From my studying, I learned that Islam does not claim Muhammad is a deity or anything”.

Using the video as an inspiration some Christian youth clubs have launched efforts to put on plays about the creation of Islam. “It gets boring just showing how Jesus became our lord, we've all heard it and it is wonderful. I think it might be a good change to contrast that with how Islam was formed by a madman leading a rebel army” said Frederick Thompson, 17, of the Rock of Youth Club in Baltimore.

The backlash against Muslim demands for all blasphemy against Islam to be outlawed drew a sharp rebuke from the Baltimore CAIR offices “This will not stand. The Muslim community of Baltimore will explode in anger at this sacrilege!”.

Rehearsals have already began at the Word of the Rock Theater in suburban Baltimore, asked if he was worried that violence could result, Thomas Weaver, 17, answered “No, we aren't afraid. We aren't afraid of angry mobs, or thin-skinned false gods who need their own mafia. We know we have already won in the end.”