Saturday, September 22, 2012

"I wanted to marry tiger"

(Associated Posers) - BRONX, NEW YORK - Before his now-infamous tangle with a Bronx Zoo tiger, David Villalobos adorned his Facebook page with New Age odes to Mother Earth and affirmations like, "Be love and fearless."

Police said Saturday that Villalobos had told detectives that it was without fear that he leaped from an elevated train into the animal's den. His reason, they said, was that "he wanted to be with the tiger."

Asked what he meant by that, David informed them that he is a female tiger trapped in a human male body and he was only seeking to mate. “It is instinctual, I was in heat”.

After he jumped into the enclosure and landed on all fours the 400-lb male Siberian named Bashuta grabbed him by the foot and dragged him around. Despite serious injuries Villalobos said he partially got his wish, he was able to pet and interact with the object of his crush.

“I have a serious love affair with Bashuta and at least he knows I exist now” Villalobos explained from his hospital room “The ice is broken”

Based on his admissions and a complaint from the zoo, the police seek to arrest Villalobos on trespassing charges but being hospital-bound with serious wounds leaves the timing up in the air. Whether the 25-year old real estaste agent has retained an attorney or not is still unknown as calls to family members went unanswered.

Villalobos remained hospitalized with bites and punctures on his arms, legs, shoulders and back, and a broken arm and a leg caused by the jump.

The Wild Asia exhibit that's home to the tiger was operating as usual on Saturday, zoo officials said, declining to comment further.

Villalobos' Facebook page makes clear his infatuation with wildlife. One of several postings from Thursday was a photo of a tiger licking a cub, and the comment, "Nice." Another was of a black jaguar.


  1. If they want to get married then I say don't let our bigotry and hate stand in their way. A little marital abuse shouldn't sully their love.