Sunday, September 23, 2012

It's a Fat Thing, You Wouldn't Understand

I am overweight and I need to exercise to lose some poundage. Looking through recent news articles I saw one that said even a moderate short walk after every meal would be enough to lose weight. It suggested a leisurely half mile walk. So I think to myself, if I am walking a couple miles each day, then that should be enough.

Dramatization: Not my shoes

Another website says that a sedentary man my age and weight could lose weight by eating less than 2,000 or so calories a day and that 2,400 calories a day was needed to maintain my weight. This does not sound too hard, does it? Imagine having strong cravings for soda or snacks all the time. This leads many to depression and what do fat, depressed people do to handle it, they eat. And here is the rest of it.

There is a nice park about a mile or so away from where I live, I suppose it would not be too much trouble to walk there each morning. I guess I can try to cut down on portions and lay off the bread and soda. Sticking to this is the hard part. You lose 10 pounds and then it seems to stop going away, you get depressed and you eat and you gain it all back.

Plus, daddy could use a new pair of shoes.

So, while I do not wish to tell the world how much I weigh, I thought I would make some weekly (or so) updates on my progress (such as -2 or something)

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