Tuesday, October 23, 2012

OSCE to Monitor US Election on Zombie Rights

(Associated Posers) – WASHINGTON DC – While some Republicans worry about the long lists of deceased or illegal voters being registered across while many foreign-based military personnel aren't being given the opportunity the vote, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe is sending 150 'observers' to keep an eye on Republicans.

“We will report any efforts to suppress the free and fair vote” said Herman Gehring-Hess “In that vein, we have recruited observers from Cuba, North Korea and Myanmar to assure a fair polling”

Already some Republican governors have moved to block foreign election observers, saying it is treasonous to let foreigners decide the election. Mississippi Governor Bryant said he would do what it took to keep foreigners from influence the vote. This has brought condemnation from La Raza who accused Bryant of “intimidating” undocumented Americans.

The OSCE also reported that moves in Texas, Florida and other states to deny the vote to zombies and dead voters was “antithetical” to democracy. “Denying the vote based on status of living or dead is an insipid form of discrimination.”

Hugo Gomez, observer from Cuba agreed “Limiting the voter pool to living, legal citizens is a debasement of real democracy. We applaud those courts that have stated this and encourage authorities to follow these rulings.”

Li Sun An of Myanmar explained “While the US is supposedly a first tier country, the election system it employs is far beneath world standards. The US needs to learn from countries like Cuba, North Korea, China, Venezuela and others in this regard.”

The OSCE monitors are focusing on Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania. “This is where we believe the Republicans will try to steal the election by denying the vote to so-called 'zombies', those voters who are deceased” sad Hugo Gomez.

“We have come at the behest of civil society organizations concerned that the voice of the people might be suppressed by those Republicans in power. The Black Panthers, AARP, Occupy America, Organizing for America, New America Foundation and the Obama administration and other reasonable moderate organizations. There is more than reasonable evidence to suggest the Republicans plan to challenge the right of the dead and foreigners to participate. For instance there are reports in the New York Times

When asked about states not sending absentee ballots to military personnel overseas the OSCE observers were dismissive. “These are able-bodied people, we have no concern about those who take these tours willingly.”

“We are most concerned with purging of electoral rolls” Gomez said “It is obvious they want to deny the vote to those who have passed on through no fault of their own”

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