Thursday, October 18, 2012

Jesse Jackson Jr: Mental Illness

(Associated Posers) – CHICAGO, Illinois – United States Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. admits what many observers have suspected for years. That he is mentally ill. The admission comes as federal corruption investigators tighten the screws trying to find out how much money he took in improper influence-peddling schemes.

A former associate said he is confused that JJJ went into politics “He has never been very good with people, I was never sure he ever really liked people”. Another said Jackson would prance around the sauna naked, dancing and singing to himself. “He was flamboyant for a guy who is supposed to be straight”. The former associate also admitted that “Trey-J” as his “homies” call him often “threw down the bossest parties with powder and expensive ladies not that cheap crack or skinny trunk stuff”

Although Jackson is not “actively” campaigning to regain his seat he is still spending money on campaign advertising at about the same rate as his opponents. Jackson is expected to retain the seat in his heavily Democrat district.

The source added Jackson, who is being treated for bipolar disorder during his four-month absence from work, is trying “to stay focused and calm to enhance his treatment and is just following doctor’s orders.” Jackson, who is also being investigated by the Feds, sees his doctor twice a day.

Meanwhile Illinois Governor Patrick Quinn says he sees no reason why Jackson should resign his seat. In an interview broadcast by NBC Chicago television, Quinn called his fellow Democrat "a friend" and said he saw no reason why Jackson's absence while being treated for bipolar disorder should interfere with having his name on the November ballot.

Jackson was treated for at least six weeks at the Mayo Clinic this summer for bipolar disorder, according to his congressional office. On September 7, his office said he had been released from the clinic and returned to his home in Washington but had not returned to work.

Asked if Jackson might be too mental ill to serve in Washington his spokesperson answered “He's a Democrat and he fits right in, it's hard to tell a sane Democrat from one who is mentally incompetent. I mean, just look at Vice Presdent Joe Biden, he is an inspiration to the mentally ill community”. The Democrat Party of Illinois says that "crazy" is not a good excuse to keep someone out of Congress or off the bench if they are a judge.

Jesse Jackson Jr., 47, is the son of Reverend Jesse Jackson.

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