Friday, October 12, 2012

Meet The Swing Voters Who Will Decide This Election

(Associated Posers) - MARIETTA, Ohio – The Presidential campaign appears extremely close and there is even talk of an electoral college tie, which would throw the whole thing to the US House of Representatives. The consensus among political watchdogs points at Ohio as the ultimate swing state in this election, the winner of Ohio could very well win the White House. Both Republican challenger Mitt Romney and incumbent President Barack Obama, the Democrat, are campaigning heavily in the state.

There are several possible swing districts within this swing state but the 6th district could be the one that moves the whole state from one candidate or to the other. Representative Ben Johnson (R) took the seat from 2-term incumbent Charlie Wilson in 2010, a big year for Republicans, but this year Wilson is fighting to get his seat back.

Within this district is Marietta, a town of about 14,000 people. This is coal country and the Obama administration has made people upset with his “war on coal” as some call it. A lot of Ohioans in the coal industry are out of work and many know their jobs could be on the line.

One such local is almost certainly going to be the voter who puts one candidate over the top and thus the election. At 555 West Montgomery Street, just a block from the Old Saint Mary Cemetery is a light blue wood framed house belonging to Robert Surrey, 38, who works at the Washington County Fairgrounds but complains the job is only part time.

“Everyone is being made part time” he said grumpily “That ObamaCare thing and the mandates are causing it. On the other hand, my daddy and his daddy have always been Democrats”

Another possible swing voter in this swing town, in this swing district, in this swing state could be Stephanie Cutter. She claims to be an independent although admits she works in the public sector, but declined to give specifics.

“Barack Obama has been a good President” she said “I don't take issue, really, with the lies and cover-ups, it's all in the name of national security after all. You can't trust the Republicans, they have a tendency to say what they really believe and then keep their promises. That is just not something we should look for in a politician.”

Asked how that makes her an independent she answers “Well, it looks like I might lose my job for political reasons. I may be thrown under the bus because of my outspoken support for funding Big Bird and that Benghazi isn't a real issue, just a Romney talking point. If that happens, I might not vote for the President”.

At the Papa John's Pizza near Don Schaly Stadium, we ran across Mitch Connor who recently lost his job as a contractor for a coal mining company. He told us that his union had split from the national organizations and supported Mitt Romney.

“The President is spending, taxing and regulating this country into the poor house” he said “It's pretty obvious on this side of unemployment”

Down Pike Street in this picturesque riverside town we came across Nelly Walker at the K-Mart who told us that she has several “Obama Phones” and absolutely thinks the President is doing a great job for the country.

“I have several dogs and kids and I have registered them all to vote several times” she said proudly “I've got a good two dozen votes for Obama. We do right by Obama and he will do right by us. We can't let those racists put our people back in chains, like Joe Biden said they will and we can't let them ban tampons and kill Big Bird neither!”

“President Obama pulled this country back from the brink” she said “Sure, unemployment is higher now, gas and food prices are higher and food stamps me and the dogs get don't go so far but I'm getting another dog to make up for it”.

Will one of these people be the voter who chooses the next President?

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  1. Ya gotta love Stephanie Cutter. "You can't trust the Republicans, they have a tendency to say what they really believe and then keep their promises. That is just not something we should look for in a politician.”

    A more deadly criticism I have never heard. Her cousin, the other Stephanie Cutter, ought to use this on the national stage. The main-streamers would eat it up.