Sunday, November 4, 2012

Election Prediction: Victors of the Battleground State Spoils

(Associated Posers) – ANALYSIS - There are states that will almost always go Democrat or Republican even if those parties nominated a rock or a ham sandwich. The balance of the Electoral Votes come from the so-called “Battleground States” that can be swayed by either party. They may be swayed by good looks, tender words or promises of government pork but they always make sure to run up the price at auction.

Nevada – (6 Electoral Votes) Harry Reid and his union pals have a lock on the state. Although Barack Obama early in his first term excoriated Las Vegas and more or less encouraged a boycott, the unions of casino workers backed him anyway, even fining and threatening union members to vote properly in 2010 to keep Harry running the US Senate. Obama wins Nevada.

New Hampshire- (4 Electoral Votes) Formerly a conservative-leaning bastion surrounded by left-wing “people's republics”, this state has become home to many refugees from the same left-wing states as people escape from liberalism, only to continue to vote for what they ran away from, that is why Barack Obama wins New Hampshire.

Colorado - (9 Electoral Votes) Colorado has its cities of leftwingerism but recently it has gone to pot, literally. The drug addled minds of Coloradans cannot handle the ability to reason logically and they like laughing at Obama's big ears when he is on TV. Barack Obama wins Colorado.

Florida - (29 Electoral Votes) A state with a lot coastline full of imported freaks, winter liberals and old people. The state where voters confuse Al Gore and Pat Buchanan and a lot of people who speak Spanish have nothing to do with Mexico, somehow usually picks conservatives in Presidential elections will do it again. Mitt Romney wins Florida

North Carolina - (15 Electoral Votes) A state one could call bi-polar. One year they could elect a weird liberal Governor (who is ashamed to share a history with South Carolina), then send a moderate Republican to the Senate, host the Democrat Convention and then turn around and give a big win to the Republicans for President. This they will do in 2012. Mitt Romney wins North Carolina.

Wisconsin- (10 Electoral Votes) After a protracted budget battle, liberals failed to unseat the Governor, weakening the power of the unions. Now this normally liberal state has a “favorite son” on the Republican ticket with Paul Ryan. Ryan will bring home the bacon, or cheese, to his party. Mitt Romney wins Wisconsin.

Virginia- (13 Electoral Votes) There are a massive number of new federal employees inhabiting Northern Virginia in the DC suburbs that have moved the state ever more leftward, but the balance this time is not in their direction. The economy under Obama has gotten decidedly worse and this allows the Republicans to win this time. Mitt Romney wins Virginia.

Iowa- (6 Electoral Votes) A state with a small population that enjoys being one of the first primary states a bit too much, otherwise who would pay them any attention? Well, with massive amounts of subsidies and mandates that force ethanol into gas tanks, despite it being uneconomical and hazardous to engines and not very eco-friendly, this state will fight tooth and nail to keep their piece of the pie, that pork pie. Barack Obama wins Iowa.

Ohio- (18 Electoral Votes) While everyone in Columbus might have their own “Obamaphone” and everyone in Cleveland needs their EBT's as they watch their traditional economies crumble, not everyone in Ohio is enamored with the welfare state. You also have to wonder about the voting machines turning Romney votes into Obama votes during early voting. Coal mining is and was a major part of the economic output of this state. The President's “War on Coal” makes some wonder what industry he'll go after next. Mitt Romney wins Ohio.

At this point Mitt Romney already has 276 Electoral Votes, enough to become the next President of the United States of America.

Pennsylvania - (20 Electoral Votes) This state is the site of some of the last minute campaigning, a surprise because it was supposed to be in the pocket of President Obama. This state was not supposed to be a battleground state at all. While the state might tilt for the President in the end, the momentum is all for Romney. If Romney wins this state as well as the others, it gives him 296 Electoral Votes and would end any real chance by the Democrats to steal the election through the courts and recounts. My guess: Mitt Romney wins Pennsylvania


  1. no way Obama takes Colorado. NO WAY!!!!!!!!!

  2. That would be great news, I'd love to be wrong on some of them. I just think the pothead vote this time will be too big. :p

  3. Colorado will take Colorado I know the pot heads in Boulder.... I designed and permitted a few grow houses in Boulder and Denver.

    That is local, not national. Colorado will be Romney by 5 points. I know lots of Mexicans who are voting for him too.

  4. I would probably agree with everything except Colorado and Iowa and maybe even New Hampshire. Not seeing those states going to Obama.