Sunday, November 11, 2012

Backlash Against Layoffs Conspiracy Rises

(Associated Posers) – NEW YORK CITY – As a wave of layoffs sweeps the country, some observers are critical of businesses that cite new rules and regulations as reasons for the cut backs. Restaurant chains such as Applebee's, Red Lobster, Olive Garden and Papa John's have all announced plans to cut worker hours to below the 30-hour threshold for ObamaCare regulations kicking in.

Gorden Systems, which manufacturers plastic pipe, says it will layoff 40 of it's 79 employees, the rest will see reductions in work hours. John Gorden, founder and President explained “This is a very unfortunate situation. The cost of doing business under the new policies rise to being prohibitive and all businesses have to cope with it. We are transferring a lot of our manufacturing to our Mexico affiliate”.

Meanwhile Caterpillar, which manufactures heavy machinery, is also cutting back while building a massive facility in Mexico. Thousands of jobs are on the line there. These are just the tip of the iceberg as hundreds of companies have already announced layoff plans and workhour reductions. Many will institute changes without public pronouncements.

“The fact is that every business in America is affected” said Kay Stanton of Stanton Consulting “The cost of doing business and the way employees are hired will all change. For many retail operations it will make economic sense to hire 2 part timers instead of a full timer with benefits. It will be cheaper to get 60 work hours out of 2 people than 40 work hours from one”.

Meanwhile critics have risen. Shanelle Quandra Lee Hamsptead of the United City Alliance says this simply proves that capitalists and big business hate the poor. “This is all racism and classism. The excuse of “economics” is so much joo-joo. The Obama administration must ban companies from making these kinds of changes. I don't care if they all lose money, they must provide the jobs this country needs”

The Reverend Joe Jessie Johnson agrees, saying “Economics and profitability is the biggest sin facing this country. If a business must lose money to do the right thing, then it should lose money. It is their patriotic duty! It is also a moral duty.”

The liberal Move Forward Campaign for America says it is already drafting proposals for laws that would outlaw layoffs. “Economic need is not good enough. This country re-elected Barack Obama for the purpose of moving this country beyond economics and we must follow through. For the sake of everyone in this country and our future, we must abolish the pursuit of profits”.

Shanelle Hampstead also reminded her Facebook followers that “Need is a higher calling than Math. Those who work have a moral obligation to continue funding the programs this country depends on, they must never be allowed to stop doing this. It is treason to stop paying taxes just because your business loses money”

The conservative Taxed Too Much League decries such talk as “Idiocy. They are attempting to deny reality and basic math. Talk of overcoming economics is silly, it will lead to nothing but poverty and privation on an unimaginable scale.”

The Reverend Joe Johnson says the answer is prayer. “We must pray for an end to the notion that one must be exploited in order to “earn” a living. A living shouldn't be earned, it was given to us as a gift from God. They have stolen our existence and we are taking it back”.

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