Saturday, September 22, 2012

Obama TV Ad Sparks Deadly Protests

(Associated Posers) – Islamabad, PAKISTAN – The President of the United States and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appeared in paid television ads to inform the viewers that there is a blasphemous video about Mohamed on Youtube. The website was blocked in that country earlier in the day, but the President went on to inform them that while rioting over such incitement is natural that he was sorry the US had a first amendment.

To the chagrin of Pakistan authorities the paid television ads that cost the US taxpayers upwards of $70,000 sparked mass protests and rioting. One Pakistan Senator for the opposition said the television ad was “the worst act of terrorism against Pakistan we have seen all year”.

The Speaker of the Parliament of Pakistan , Fahmida Mirza, said she was shocked that the American President would do something almost guaranteed to cause a riot. “Our people didn't see the video, it was blocked here and this man comes along and tells our people that rioting is a natural thing to do... I have never seen anything like it”.

“We go through great pains to contain the radicals in our society and your President comes along and gives them the green light to explode. It is the most irresponsible thing I have seen in quite a while” said an official from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Foreign Relations Department. “The United States is not our enemy, I am shocked at this. If this is the kind of treatment we get from our partnership, then how long will we be allies?”

The day of the rioting was a holiday in Pakistan and the protests hit several major cities, there were clashes with police in riot gear as well as many burned cars and vandalized businesses. There are reports that at least 23 people were killed and hundreds injured.

“These protests were clearly hijacked by the religious right” said businessman and peace activist Naeem Sadiq. Mobile communications had been switched off in 15 cities but the death and destruction pointed to poorly trained and equipped police departments.

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