Saturday, October 6, 2012

Korea Tense as Kim Jong-un Defects

Breaking News: Korea Tense as Kim Jong-un Defects

(Associated Posers) – SEOUL, South Korea – A suspected North Korean soldier who killed his platoon and company commanders before crossing the border into South Korea has been identified as Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea. South Korean authorities now say that Kim Jong-un was a puppet all along for a small cabal of military leaders.

The defection of Kim Jong-un from North Korea is a serious blow to that hermit kingdom, leaving the survival of the communist state in serious doubt. Kim Jong-un has reportedly told Seoul authorities that the real political power in the country are among Chang Song Taek, Chae Ryong-Hae and Vice marshal Kim Yong-Chun.

Kim has apparently described a harrowing journey south from Pyongyang, to make an “inspection” visit of a compost farm near the DMZ. As always it was a top secret visit but he took only the barest entourage with him and when his minders were distracted he slipped out.

Kim Jong-un says he defected for many reasons: he was a prisoner there, a puppet. He said that he was wanting to be free, to watch South Korean drama's, attend a 2NE1 concert and mostly because he tired of being the only fat man in his country.

Jong-un is thought to have been born in 1983 or early 1984.[6] According to reports first published in Japanese newspapers, he went to school in Switzerland near Bern. First reports claimed he attended the private English-language “International School” near Bern under the name “Chol-pak” or “Pak-chol” from 1993 until 1998. He was described as shy, a good student who got along well with his classmates and was a basketball fan. He was chaperoned by an older student who was thought to be his bodyguard.

North Korean TV and Radio have been airing martial music since soon after the defection occurred and the South Korean government confirms that the North Korean military is “unusually active”, although no acknowledgement has yet come from Pyongyang. The news of the defection is sure to send shockwaves through North Korea, which is expected to lash out at some point. They also report that it's fledgling internet service link to the world has been turned off, possibly along with cellular phone service.

“Loss of face is extremely harmful to Pyongyang, but mostly it is bad if they lose face to their own people. They will withhold this news as long as possible but there are almost sure to be leaks and rumors.” said a North Korean watchdog with Choson Guardian Radio.


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