Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Obama Rep calls House hearings "outrageous"

(Associated Posers) - WASHINGTON DC – With testimony taking place in front of a US House Committee about the lack of security at the US Consulate in Benghazi where 4 Americans were killed in what the government now admits was a terrorist act, the Presidents' representative Jen Psaki appeared on CNN to call the hearing “outrageous”.

“This is a political stunt to change the topic away from Mitt Romney's failed economic and social policies” she said “There is no reason for anyone to worry about why our embassies are unguarded”.

Documents released from the administration show that the staff of the consulate had been begging for weeks for more security. Documents also show that officials of the State Departments had a policy of refusing to send more security, instead relying on outsourced and local security, this order was also signed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. They even advertised a $13,000 security position giving preferences to people in same-sex relationships. Apparently there was only a single security officer at the consulate.

Jen Psaki said the hearings and accusations were all “outrageous poitical accusations”.

“The administration is providing information they had access to at the time. And the intelligence community has come out and said that this was an organized act of terrorism. But for us, it’s not political. For the President, it’s not political. And it’s unfortunate it’s being brought to that” she said.

But for more than a week after the deadly attack the administration and President Obama refused to admit it was a terrorist attack. Saying that the incident took place because of outrage over a short video on Youtube during a protest. The government now admits that there was no protest at all and that 100+ armed men, some with rocket-propelled grenade launchers, did not just happen to meet up and decide willy-nilly to attack the consulate.

“These are just distractions by the right-wing conspiracy” Psaki told CNN “The real issue of this campaign is funding Sesame Street and not denying free condoms to college students at prestigious, ivy-league universities who are dating wealthy heirs. The real issue is not that our embassies are unguarded in tumultuous locales, it is that we need to get more Chevy Volts purchased by the federal government sent to these places”.

Jen Psaki said “Barack's friend, Martha Radditz, is moderating the Vice Presidential debate and will keep the debate on topic. This is all about the Republican War on Women, and that is what Paul Ryan needs to be hit with. The President attended her wedding, so she owes us one”.

When asked about the President's accusations that Mitt Romney wants a $5 trillion tax cut for the rich, she stated “Well, that wasn't true, but we aren't going to surrender the issue. We are going to keep pounding Romney with that. We have to protect this economic recovery from the ravages of his proposed tax and spending cuts”

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