Sunday, September 23, 2012

FERC Ruling Aids Family Wind Farms

(Associated Posers) - MOSCOW, IDAHO - The Shnott family says they would have lost everything had the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission not ruled their way. The FERC has ruled that Idaho power providers must buy wind power even when demand for power is low. This could raise the price of electricity for customers, but it can save the family wind farms like the one belonging to the Shnott family.

“This ruling was a God-send. It means we won't have to sell the farm at a major loss. It means the children can go to school knowing its not the last time they can see their friends.” Mary Shnott explained. She is referring to her grandchildren, who her son has been struggling to raise along with keeping the windmills twirling.

“Family farms are dying out and federal farm supports go to the big corporate farms, not the little guys like the Shnott family” said the Professor of Renewable Energy Economics at the University of Idaho-Moscow, Gregory Luknow. “The fact is without these mandates and subsidies, wind farms and large-scale solar do not make any economic sense”.

“When I stopped growing potatoes and planted the turbines, I was a pioneer in the field” Douglas Shnott said “I thought, certainly, we would be able to succeed. It's been a struggle though, we're barely getting by. Most of the federal payments just go right into the pockets of politicians and lawyers who keep the racket going.”

The Shnott Family Wind Farm is miles away from the nearest town in Idaho, Dogo, but the residents still complain about the irritating noise and dead birds. They also don't like the idea of paying higher electric bills to keep wind turbine farms in business. President of the Dogo Chamber of Commerce, Roy White, explains “We are forced to pay more for a defective product, where is the freedom to choose?”

Sarah Shnott, 7, though sees it a little different. “Like Barack Obama said, we have to spread the wealth around so everybody can have a little bit, like my teachers are always telling us”

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