Friday, September 21, 2012

Obama: Romney "Out of Touch" with Media

(Associated Posers) -POLITICS “You can't change Washington from the inside” Obama said in a recent interview with the Spanish-language Univision television network. “The economy is recovering and I will take credit for that, I won't say no. Sure there are twenty million more on food stamps but I think that is a sign of great achievement. The fact is, that I am blameless. It's the people out there who are at fault for the state of this country, the mess is theirs not mine” Obama later pointed out.

Obama also took a few shots at his Republican opponent. “As I told my celebrity friends Jay-Z and Beyonce at that wild party the other night where I raised $4 million and solicited soft money illegally, Mitt Romney represents the decadent wealthy and I represent the little guy in my armored limo and Air Force One. Mitt Romney is out of touch with the Hollywood and Media Elite in this country”

“People talk about media bias and how they report everything we tell them to” Obama said “But they never ask why. Why does the media lick my toes? It's because I lick them right back and Republican extremists never will. Romney and his ilk think being President is about more than punishing white folk for their success. They think I should respond immediately to things like the embassy attack and say we shouldn't apologize to the Muslims for a bad movie, they think I should meet Prime Minister Netanyahu instead of David Letterman. All of this proves that Mitt Romney is out of touch with the media, it's all about a message and being cool on television. They seem to think it's about actually doing things”.

“I will not apologize for flying to Las Vegas for a fund raiser while our consulate burned and an Ambassador was dragged through the street. I have to do what I do, here and now, not way over there and this guy knew the risks” Obama explained “The economy is Bush's fault, but the recovery is my credit, if there is one. If I fail, it is because the people of this country didn't Hope for Change hard enough.”

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