Saturday, January 25, 2014

Obama Fighting Obesity with New Label Law

(Associated Posers) Washington DC – The White House today announced an executive order that would force all “junk” food and fast food packaging to contain graphic images that would curtail their use. In a move that is hoped to curb obesity in America they would steer Americans toward fresh fruits and vegetables.

“We have seen other countries putting graphic images of black lung and other things on packages of cigarettes to discourage their use. On that note we have decided to try to do the same with junk food and fast food” Jay Carney announced.

To that end several rotating images of Michelle Obama will be used. Jay Carney said this was an obvious choice because “Nobody can eat while gagging”.

Mark Levin, scholar and talk radio host said this violates the Constitution provision against “cruel and unusual punishment”. “Hopefully it won't take too much time for a judge to strike this down, we don't need people dying in the streets”

Fresh fruits and vegetables are exempt, the White House noted, so that people will be able to survive. “The notion that people are all going to wither away and die is ludicrous, there are exemptions”

Food companies will no doubt fight the packaging label requirement. “Executive orders are not laws, the President has no power to do this” said Americans for Living Life “This law is inhumane”

“The President has no doubt that this law will reduce obesity in America”

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