Monday, August 5, 2013

Devastating Terror Attack Rocks Detroit

(Associated Posers) DETROIT - In the midst of the United States shutting down embassies in 18 foreign countries due to what was described as a credible threat, Detroit has become the victim of a sudden attack. There are unconfirmed reports of widespread devastation all over the city of Detroit, possibly thousands of buildings are destroyed. The first pictures coming out of the Target Zone is shocking.

In what appears to be the worst terrorist attack in the history of the United States and possibly the world, it is clear that the 'War on Terrorism' has not been won. Despite President Obama saying that Al Qaeda is on the run, this bears all the hallmarks of a long-planned attack. This took deliberate and careful planning.

This websites asks President Obama to make it clear that the US should have a policy of finding and killing the people who did this to one of our major cities. This is unforgivable.

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